October 12, 2016

While in Puerto Rico, we learned of yet another chance to adventure with Women Who Hike partner, Merrell, @merrelloutside. The people and opportunities we have had thus far with Merrell have been nothing short of amazing so we jumped at the chance to be able to participate in the Tough Mudder as part of Team Merrell in the Tri State area while visiting New York City. 

I, Savanah, have never had any grand desire to visit NYC, although when my cab left the airport I was in awe of my surroundings. It truly is a site. The hustle and bustle of the city that feels so alive is magic. I was surprised to find myself greeted by friendly people everywhere I went. When I checked into my room the sun was going down over the Hudson River and all the buildings were glowing and reflecting coral shades of light. I set out m...

October 6, 2016

We at Women Who Hike were lucky enough long ago to connect with the folks and hard working team over at Merrell. We have been long wearing Merrell brand hikers and were overjoyed at the chance to be able to work with their product as well as their upcoming Womens Initiative for 2017. Not only does Merrell have a wide range of shoes and sandals made for the outdoor woman (and man) in mind, but they also have a exciting, good looking and functioning line of apparel for all activities and climate in mind. 

So, a few months ago, we, @WomenWhoHike along with the guys from the @Brod_Trip were invited to shoot and showcase the product for next year’s catalog, with Puerto Rico for the shooting location. Puerto Rico is home of the only rainforest belonging to the US Forest Service, spanning 29,000 acres. 

Our tr...

August 26, 2016

ATTENTION LADIES: In our next step to reach more of you, Women Who Hike, we are announcing our plans to further connect and bring together more women who hike, starting with the following states: Arizona, Colorado and Texas… with more to come!

The number one question we get asked here at Women Who Hike is “where do I find other women to hike with” and “when are you coming to _________?” We have been hard at work trying to answer these demands from you, the Women Who Hike community, so here we are: We are prepared and planning to come your way! 

We are seeking women who share a passion for the outdoors and a sense of community, while being aware of the feelings of others around them, knowing that every woman has a unique story of their own to share with this community of hiking women. After all, sharing our s...

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