June 7, 2016

Trail Tuesday Gear Review: Bio Lite Power Light. This is a product that I, @im_nicolemarie never leave the house without. I have a story about how I have come to now rely on this product and a cautionary tale to all you solo and women hikers out there who may run into the very same situation I got myself into recently: 

No matter how much you hike, how much gear you own or how experienced you are you will undoubtedly one day find yourself on a trail or peak where you don’t have something you need. I, @im_nicolemarie am a stickler for having always mapped out my hikes as well as record my track when I am out on the trail. Recording your track is always a good idea, in case you happen to go off trail or miss a directional step along the way. So, recently I went out on a hike in the late afternoon and prepared...

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