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Hello all! My name is Lindsey and this year I am launching a pilot season of my Thruhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a thruhiking prep program! Over the last few years I have discovered that while I have a deep love of all things planning not everyone feels that way. I hear from folks, time and time again, that they would love to take on a thruhike but the logistics of planning it are too much for them. Even folks who do successfully get out on trail admit that the planning process was so painful it negatively impacted their thruhike. And then there's me, over here just planning trips for the fun of it. So I figured - why not share the skills and experience I have and help get people out on trail? 

In 2013 I completed the Appalachian Trail and in 2016 I thruhiked the Pacific Crest Trail. I have hiked the Wonder...

September 17, 2019

As summer comes to a close, we’re reminiscing on one of our favorite hiking trips... in Idaho! We spent a week in Idaho starting our trip in the Sawtooth Mountains and ended our trip in Sun Valley. The highlight of the trip was getting to hike and backpack in the Sawtooth National Forest along the White Clouds Loop.

September 6, 2019

Today we have two very awesome Feature Friday stories and they are both centered around women in conservation. First up is @easternsierracc, a development and leadership program run by women that offers and provides outdoor opportunities and transformational experiences on our trails and in the outdoors.

ESCC is a young adult development and nature-based leadership program committed to building a more equitable and inclusive community.

Our Wilderness Trips are an introductory and immersive experience that includes an 8-day backpacking trip led by and for affinity spaces of women, women of color, or LGBTQ+ communities. It is entirely free of cost to participants with gear and transportation provided. Participants learn the requisite skills for hiking and backpacking with integrated components of environmental...

September 6, 2019

One of our favorite things about being in the outdoor and recreation space is getting to connect with other women who also use these spaces for all different reasons. One of those women is Lindsey Davis of Wylder Goods. “Hiker, biker, skier, climber…no matter the pursuit, every action we take in the outdoors puts us in direct contact with an ecosystem working very hard to support life. We fish, farm, grocery shop, are vegan, vegetarian, or hunt to feed ourselves — all surviving on and sharing the same living systems with each other, and wildlife.”

Lindsey is a woman who hikes, and also a first generation hunter, and we are happy to feature her here at @womenwhohike and tell you about Vol. 4 of Modern Huntsman where she is part of an ambitious collaboration of over 20 female writers, photographers, hunters,...

August 16, 2019

Today’s Feature Friday is both a story, and an opportunity that we can’t wait to tell you all about. Meet woman who hikes, Marinel de Jesus @browngaltrekker. Marinel is an avid backpacker/hiker who left her 15 year career as a lawyer in DC to start Peak Explorations which focuses on the inclusion of indigenous women in the trekking tourism industry. Her work led to her move to the Andes mountains in Cusco, Peru and she is now working closely with the porters in the Cusco region to empower and advocate for better working conditions on the treks such as the Inca Trail. Marinel recently launched The Porter Voice Collective to provide a platform that aims to listen to, celebrate, amplify and elevate the voices of porters in Peru, Nepal and Kilimanjaro. The mission is to create a certification for fair and equi...

July 8, 2019

This month and all summer long we will be participating in the Why I Hike campaign! For nearly 100 years, Eddie Bauer has been inspiring and enabling people to live their adventure. The #WhyIHike campaign is a time where we can all share what inspires us to get outside and hike. Whether it’s a multi-day trek or tackling a local trail, there are plenty of reasons why people go hiking. Some hike to disconnect while others hike to make connections. Some hike for physical health while some hike to find inner healing. For some it’s a personal challenge, while many are taking on the larger challenge of making the outdoors a more welcoming place for all.

All this month and through the summer we will be sharing more of our #WhyIHike stories here at @womenwhohike. We also want to encourage you all to seek out the st...

December 5, 2018

The holiday season is here… and we are giving away a few awesome items from our Women Who Hike collection that you can now shop on the Wylder Goods website.

I @Im_Nicolemarie have been shopping Wylder Goods, an online marketplace for outdoor women since it’s inception. They’re responsible for a few of my favorite things in my wardrobe and gear closet including my @bribol earrings, @patagonia jackets and of course the original @wyldergoods trucker hat (seen here) as well as other things like outdoor inspired home goods, stylish reusables and the @sarahvirginiauhl calendar, which we gifted to our entire ambassador team last year!

There is some great new stuff in the store this year, just in time for the holidays! One of the standouts is the National Parks Of The USA book which I have gifted to my nieces and ne...

July 2, 2018

I’m still just like any girl when it comes to planning for and packing up for a trip. It’s all about the shoes, and I know that whatever adventure I headed out on, Merrell has me covered. Last fall, Elisabeth and I started trip planning for six weeks on the road all throughout the desert Southwest. Our road trip would span through most all of the Southwest states, including California, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona and we would be doing a little bit of everything which meant I needed a variety of footwear for what we would end up calling ‘The Southwest Road Trip.’

Out focus on this trip was public lands, which meant lots of different kinds of travel and exploring. We would be backpacking, car camping, hiking through water and up mountains, as well as hiking down into and alongside the tall canyon walls that...

May 23, 2018

We have a special event happening July 28 and 29th in Washington with the ladies of She Moves Mountains. Join us for a weekend of climbing, camping, hiking and yoga at Mt Erie on Anacortes Island. 

Earlier this spring, I got to do a sport climbing clinic with the ladies of SMM and I want to share my experience: 

"I’m not a regular climber. These days my shoes and harness will go months without being touched or worn. But, when I got the opportunity to climb at Smith Rock with the ladies of She Moves Mountains, I knew it was time to get them out and dust them off. I started out the morning feeling intimidated, feeling scared and feeling uncomfortable. I knew the ladies among me were much better climbers than I was, but instead of dismissing me they fully embraced me. I started out the day feeling stressed out...

April 30, 2018

A few years ago I started hiking all of the high peaks in Southern California. While it might seem that Southern California is a lot of urban trail, we actually have quite a few mountains at and above 10,000 feet. In fact, two years ago I decided I would hike the six highest: Mt Wilson, Cucamonga Peak, Mt San Bernardino, Mt San Antonio (aka Mt Baldy), Mt San Jacinto and Mt San Gorgonio, one after another, one per week for six weeks. It was also then that I decided… why not do three of them in one day; 24 hours. Honestly, it sounded fun. I knew it was and would be a challenge, but I am one of those people that is always up for a challenge.

The three peaks I would be doing in one day (24 hours straight) would be the three highest here in Southern California: Mt San Antonio 10,069ft, Mt San Jacinto 10,833ft an...

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