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April 11, 2018

Whenever I mention that I am from Oregon or traveling back to it, most people respond with what is often the same thing. Of course they say, “Oregon is so beautiful,” and then it’s followed up with something about Portland and hiking The Gorge. Both of these places are awesome, unique and have great hiking, landmarks and waterfalls, but when I travel back to Oregon, you won’t really find me in these places. 

I grew up near Eugene, Oregon which is the cascades region of the state. Eugene is just on the other end of the highway from another well known place with beautiful hikes and trails, Bend, Oregon. But, between these two places are the trails that I actually hike when I come back to visit, including a few somewhat hidden gems that remain unknown to folks who mostly come to visit and hike around the Portl...

So you want to do a thruhike, eh? Have you been bringing thruhiking up for years, telling anyone who will listen that someday you want to do a thruhike? Or have you been hiding the desire deep down in the folds of your soul, barely letting yourself believe that you want to thruhike? Either way let’s stop saying you WANT to thruhike and start saying you’re GOING to thruhike. You’re GOING to do a thruhike! Wow, congratulations, that’s awesome! 

You might have your eyes set on the Pacific Crest Trail or the Appalachian trail, or perhaps something a little shorter like the Colorado Trail or the Florida Trail. No matter which thruhike you’re planning on doing it is a huge undertaking and there are a couple of major questions that people usually ask: How do I prepare for a thuhike and how do I afford a thruhike?...

March 20, 2018

Last summer when I got involved with @LifeStraw, they asked me if I would join them in Kenya this year as part of their Follow The Liters program. I have been using my personal water filter from LifeStraw long before I became an ambassador for them. In fact, when I attended my first Outdoor Retailer show, they were the first booth I visited. Why? Because they are a company that is truly impassioned and committed to doing good, a company who believes in and stands by their mantra, “doing good is good business.” As a person who long ago committed my life to living my life with purpose, I couldn’t be more grateful to have teamed up with LifeStraw and I proudly stand behind every product and every mission that they are taking on, including this one, the Campaign To Reach 1 Million. 

When I got on the ground in...

February 6, 2018

After completing the Three Saints Challenge last year, I knew that my next big challenge would be hiking Cactus To Clouds. Cactus To Clouds is considered the 5th hardest day hike by Backpacker Magazine. The Cactus To Clouds hike leads you to the top of Mt San Jacinto, 10,834 feet. There are several different ways to get to the top of what we in Southern California call San J, but the hardest, most difficult route is from Cactus To Clouds, which starts in the town of Palm Springs at just 434 feet.

Besides the extremely difficult 10,400 foot climb, this hike presents other obstacles, including when to do it. Temperatures throughout the ‘Cactus’ portion of the hike can be well into 100 degrees as early as spring here in Palm Springs. There is a small window of there being enough daylight and also limited snow...

January 24, 2018

We are teaming up with REI Outessa for our biggest, most awesome giveaway yet! We are awarding one lucky lady and a friend or family member of her choice to attend an REI Outessa Retreat.

Outessa is a series of outdoor events designed for women where you’ll discover something amazing—an outdoor skill, new friends, a fun challenge, and in the end, a greater appreciation of yourself. Created by women for women, Outessa Retreats are the perfect way to explore the outdoors in an epic setting where encouragement and new friendships abound. You’ll customize your entire three-day itinerary, filling it with your choice of activities, discussions, classes and even a glass of wine. You’ll learn, grow and seize life. Bond with amazing women, insanely good s’mores and a full range of activities for your body and mind....

January 23, 2018

I cried, I laughed, I played. 

These are three things that can, will and most assuredly happen to you when attending Outessa. The tears for me, were tears of joy and letting things go. The laughter was being around so many fun loving women and the playing… well, with the locations, classes and activities that Outessa has planned for you, you will most definitely play… hard. 

I came to Outessa Kirkwood as one of the REI Outessa Ambassadors with Lifestraw. Both REI and Lifestraw are doing exciting things for us adventure folk and the Outessa weekend is definitely an experience worth getting excited for. I was probably one of the first to arrive on Thursday, as I surveyed the hard work being put forth by the folks at REI. You could tell they were excited and mindful to every little detail, as I watched them set...

January 19, 2018

“I’m not special…

The women hiking community is amazing. I’m just like all of these women. We all start somewhere, and you know not to sound cheesy but, we all blaze our own trail. No matter what kind of lifestyle and hiker we are, no matter how skilled we are, we all start somewhere and we go to the trail for the same things. It’s why @WomenWhoHike is so important to me because it has given me a platform to elevate other women and to let their voices also be heard because their voice is just as significant and important and inspiring.”

Last week I @Im_NicoleMarie recorded a podcast for She Explores If you happen to be headed to any trailheads this weekend, I hope you give it a listen LINK HERE. During the one hour call, Gale and I could have and did talk about so many different things. About hiking. About m...

January 16, 2018

It’s Trail Tuesday…and a New Year here at @WomenWhoHike! So, I @Im_NicoleMarie think there is no better time to talk about safety and survival basics while on the trail. When it comes to hiking, no matter where or how far you’re going, you should always carry the 10 Essentials. These are basic safety standbys than you can and should throw in your pack when going out into the woods or even a close urban hike. 

So, what are the 10 Essentials? They are:

1 Navigation (map and compass)

2 Sun protection (sunglasses and sunscreen)

3 Insulation (extra clothing)

4 Illumination (headlamp/flashlight)

5 First-aid supplies

6 Fire (waterproof matches/lighter/candles)

7 Repair kit and tools

8 Nutrition (extra food)

9 Hydration (extra water)

10 Emergency shelter

When it comes to these 10 items there is much to browse and choose from...

January 9, 2018

Today we kick off our first ever #wwhchallenge! Last month we asked you to think about a goal you could set for yourself at the first part of 2018. When we started to think about this challenge and how we could include EVERYONE within the Women Who Hike community, it was hard to pick a specific goal that would ensure participation and success for everyone. So, we decided to let you pick your own goal. 

We’ve already heard so many awesome and unique ideas and we’re excited to follow all of your journeys for the next 30 days during the #wwhchallenge. So… how does it work?

You, followers and members of @womenwhohike can participate and will be entered to win a Deuter bag of your choice by setting your own personal goal and then using the #wwhchallenge hashtag to announce your goal and by continuing to use the #...

December 12, 2017

We’ve teamed up again with the ladies at Wylder Goods for a holiday gift guide that includes gear and apparel for the trail, travel and camping as well as some items for bringing the outdoors in. Together with the women of Wylder Goods we have curated an amazing list of hand-selected goods for adventurous and environmentally conscious women. These gifts will be a sure fire way to bring some holiday cheer to the rowdy and radiant women in your life!

Gifts for Women Who Hike - Under $50

Wylder x Stanley Adventure Mug - The small but mighty custom Wylder x Stanley mug collaboration is ready for a single shot of espresso, whiskey on the rocks, or a perfect portion of oatmeal for the mountain. Choose from 3 rad designs: the fish, skull, or bison. 

Sarah Uhl Mountain Calendar - 12 months of art in the wild, this be...

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