December 11, 2017

One week ago, many of us who value public lands were devastated when we learned that Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante Nat’l Monuments would be shrunk and stripped of its protections. Many of you have heard myself, @Im_NicoleMarie speak of these places. But today, I feel that it is important we hear from someone else. A native woman. A woman who this land means a lot to. I think that it is important at @womenwhohike to amplify the voices of other women. So, I hope you all take a few minutes to read about Jaylyn, @NativeWomensWilderness and what these lands mean to her and her heritage. 

“You could say I'm a kid straight from the ‘rez’, I grew up on the Navajo Reservation. I was adopted at a young age by the most incredible woman, a woman who taught me how to love and explore the land. The land was ou...

November 8, 2017

We are teaming up with the ladies from HikeItBaby for the 10K Women Trail Project. This is an initiative funded by the REI Force of Nature grant to get women and girls hiking all across North America and we want to see YOU, the #womenwhohike community join us in getting on the trail with your friends, family and local communities so that together we can hit this goal of 10K women on the trail in 2018.

So… how does it work? To participate, register (link in bio) and pick a trail to hike every month for a year, then invite your fellow women who hike to join you. This can be done by using our Facebook groups, all of which can be found on our website. Log your hikes and make sure to add in the number of women you’ve inspired to get out on each hike.

When women come together for a like passion and goal… we can mo...

August 20, 2017

If you didn’t plan in advance and make it into the path of totality for the Total Solar Eclipse… Not to worry! Thanks to today’s technology and the age of sharing there are plenty of ways to check out today’s event online and on social media. 

Here are just a few ways you too can view this once in a lifetime event:

Instagram & Instagram Stories- These are two things that we at Women Who Hike use to share our hikes, travels and happenings. We also are watching you on your own stories which in addition to being included in on the fun, helps us to find new places to explore and hike. While many of those viewing the Eclipse may be out of cell phone range, we’re sure there will be plenty of captures that will be shared today, tomorrow and all throughout the week! Check out your friends, search hashtags such as #t...

July 20, 2017

Women Who Hike has grown so much since we first started it. The idea of bringing hiking women together on social media started in late 2015. Then, we brought it to you, here on Instagram, in January of 2016. We started our membership program in spring of last year. We had our first group hike in April and since then we have done dozens of group hikes in several states and have more planned for this year as we bring one of our hosted hikes with Merrell to you on the east coast. We also, last summer started our state, regional and worldwide Facebook groups to bring all of you, the #womenwhohike community together. We also added other ladies as ambassadors to help us lead hikes near you. We couldn’t be more happy, proud, excited and truly touched by so many of you all getting together, making memories on the...

June 27, 2017

The trail, views and the lakes along the Big Pine Lakes trail are truly stunning. And since my visit, so many of you have asked about where they are and how they and how much of the lakes can currently be accessed. Please note the date of this blog if going up after the posted date. 

When we backpacked here, there was still snow even before first lake. The banks were easy to cross, no traction needed and can even be passable alongside the marked trail. I did bring microspikes with me for this trip, but did not need them. We started hiking just after noon, on a Thursday and only passed some day hikers coming down. With 40 lbs on my back, I was envious of their decision to go up sans gear and just spend the day in the lakes. It's getting awfully hot on the floor of the Eastern Sierras and there were times dur...

May 8, 2017

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner and that means for us at Women Who Hike, it is time for a gear and wardrobe refresh. The warmer temps mean hiking to higher elevations, backpacking trips and of course, camping. Earlier this month, I, Nicole, of Women Who Hike ventured on a three day camping trip with friends in the Eastern Sierras.

Alabama Hills is a expansive BLM land, an adventure packed area where anything goes. The best part of the land is dispersed camping, which means you show up in whatever set up you want, anything from RV to tents, and put down your camp pretty much anywhere, no reservations needed. With the Sierras and stacked rock all around, you won’t find a bad spot or view here along the Eastern Sierra range. 

When packing for this trip, I had to consider cool nights and war...

April 3, 2017

Social media and real life… A topic that gets much debate these days. Some people say that the use of these platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc harbors a person’s connection with real people, real places in real time. Sure, looking up from our phones while in the line at your morning coffee joint could perhaps result in a hi and hello with a stranger who you may have common ground with, which is rarely bound to happen these days.

But, I, @Im_NicoleMarie am here to tell you that for me, and us at @WomenWhoHike the use of social media, connecting with people of like mind is one of reward, inspiration, connection and for me, has turned into plenty of real time, real life and real adventure with these real people. 

Last week, a person I connected with via DM last year, @justinlfricke, decided to meet u...

March 20, 2017

It's that time of year, where the colorful blooms of California are popping up (pun intended) all over our hills, parks and trails. Seeing the flowers is a popular activity, for hikers and non-hikers. Over the past week, I, Nicole have visited the wildflowers three times. Twice, in Lake Elsinore and the other during our group hike at Chino Hills State Park. 

It is peak season, and here are a few popular places where you can see the blooms!

1. Anza Borrego State Park

2. Griffith Park

3. Chino Hills State Park 

4. Joshua Tree

5. Ojai

6. Saddleback Butte State Park

7. Moro Canyon 

8. Eaton Canyon

These are just a few sure bets if you're looking for the blooms. 

If you are visiting Lake Elsinore for the blooms, here is how you access the backside of the hills, where the trail exists, away from the crowds. Exit Lake...

February 20, 2017

Strawberry Peak is located on the front range of the San Gabriels, with a different few options of how to reach the peak. On our chosen day, a Sunday, we, myself and photographer/climber Morgan Ayres opted for the mountaineering route which includes a class 3 bouldering route as you approach the summit. Right now, with the rains we have been getting in SoCal the creek in Colby Canyon is free flowing and as you start the trail you will cross it multiple times in order to follow the trail to Strawberry Peak.

I have always been a big proponent of recording your track when hiking a new route, and I did so on this day by using All Trails and also my Suunto Traverse watch which tracks elevation, gain, mileage and the direction via recording your trail and compass. 

If you’re going to hike the San Gabriels or perha...

February 6, 2017

Hiking Cuilcagh Mountain wasn’t on my original list of things I wanted to do while in Ireland. But, I had to trim down my itinerary due to the harsh driving conditions that make up the Midland Ireland region. Only those who have driven these roads and region will truly understand my reservation and predicament in making such road trips. So, a friendly instagrammer reached out to me and gave me a short list of things to do closer to where I was staying in Leitrim. 

And, when I saw the staircase leading to the top of Cuilcagh Mountain, it was a quick yes and I added it to my things to do. Cuilcagh Mountain is located just over the border from Ireland, in Northern Ireland and the peak itself also sits between the border of County Fermanagh and County Caven. It is 2,100 feet at the peak and can now only be reac...

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