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Camelbak Aventura 22

I am sure many of our followers have noticed the use of my Camelbak Aventura 22 lately. It particularly roomy for what Camelbak usually has to offer (22L gear capacity) which makes it extremely versatile for all kinds of different needs, with hydration of course being one of them... As the warmer temperatures are upon us, I've fallen in love over this pack for short and even longer journeys. The Aventura 22 is specially designed for a woman's frame with ventilation and specific suspension. It carries 3 liters of water and has multiple compartments for quick grabbing of necessary and small items, as well as ample storage of a little extra gear or change of clothes if needed. This pack moves with me comfortably, at any speed as well as vertical gain. The back panel features top-of-the-line padded pods that move in sync with you while keeping the pack’s contents secure, which is especially important to me when I am hauling camera gear. The waist belt has a handy cargo pocket, almost big enough to carry my iPhone 6. I also am big fan of the outer straps which make for additional gear hauling capabilities. This is a piece of equipment I have come to rely on. I keep it in my car, ready to go for even the most impromptu adventure. I can't say enough good things about how it has made my trail life more comfortable and convenient.

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