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The Six Pack Of Peaks

When moving to California, I @im_nicolemarie was well aware I was moving to an unfamiliar territory without the comforts of home (Oregon) that I was used to. I moved here right out of high school and not by choice, but because of circumstance. Luckily for me, since then I have lived in a few different places and travel often for work, getting me out of the ‘rat race’ that is equated with SoCal and the Southern California lifestyle.

So, when I began taking up hiking again on a regular basis, I started logging more and more hikes in SoCal that actually to my surprise and stubbornness, I enjoyed. And the more hikes I did, the bigger and grander and harder I wanted them to be. This is definitely a trend here in SoCal and people like me have taken on challenges such as the 52 Hike Challenge and 6 Pack Of Peaks.

The @sixpackofpeaks was created by Jeff Hester, who upon his preparations and training for the John Muir Trail, began picking hikes within SoCal that were within two hours of the metropolitan area and included weight bearing and high altitude. He says, "all the cool gear in the world won’t get you up the mountain if you neglect the two most important pieces of equipment: your brain and your body." This statement for high altitude hikers could not be more true. Mind and matter are of the utmost importance.

I say this as I too, am in the midst of completing and preparing for a challenge of my own. Earlier this year, I @Im_NicoleMarie decided I would start the Six Pack all over again, hiking them one by one in just six weeks. With all my traveling and busy work schedule I nearly ran out of time to schedule them back to back… Enter: The @Adventure16 3 Peak Challenge. Just as I was starting out I was invited to complete the challenge alongside other women who hike. The 3 Peak Challenge also includes three of the peaks in the Six Pack Of Peaks: Mt Baldy, San Jacinto and San Gorgonio. The three of them total just under 40 miles and 12K feet of total elevation gain. And one week from today, I will be doing the challenge and just one peak shy of once again completing the Six Pack Of Peaks.

The Six Pack Of Peaks are the following mountains and traditionally done in this order, each one more challenging than the last: Mt Wilson, Cucamonga Peak, Mt Baldy, Mt San Bernandino, Mt San Jacinto and San Gorgonio which add up to 27,108 feet of elevation gain over 82 miles of hiking.

We know many of our women who hike followers and members have or are doing the Six Pack Of Peaks Challenge and we want to hear from you… We would love to hear your story after completion by having you email us at

We are so proud of our SoCal Women Who Hike Community… you ladies are true hiking warriors and we have love seeing your journey and progress. Know that we, @savnorthwest and I @im_nicolemarie are here rooting you on!

To learn more and sign up for the Six Pack Of Peaks, visit


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