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HikersBrew Coffee

Whether its an early morning hike or a backpacking trip, I know that I, @Im_NicoleMarie and many of you, women who hike rely on… Coffee! So, today we are excited to introduce @HikersBrew to you, and their super handy Venture Pouches, which make packing and making an AM coffee outside your tent a much easier experience. The Venture Pouch is a small packet, 1.5oz which yields four cups (6oz each) of coffee. AND it tastes great. My personal favorite is the S’mores, but there is also other flavors including Caramel Canyon, Dark Roast and Hazy Hiker which make up a few flavors in the six that are available. Here is what else we like about Hikers Brew: their packaging is 100% compostable and the coffee is organic and fair trade. Because Hikers Brew is made by fellow hikers, we feel that they definitely thought of everything,

“Many backpackers carry bulky coffee bags with them in their packs, with an unfortunate alternative of using instant coffee. This sacrifices flavor for convenience. The packaging used by many of these companies aren't environmentally friendly and we knew that if our consumers were going to be in the outdoors our packaging should be conscious of that as well! We knew there had to be a better way to enjoy great coffee without having to struggle with these options. With that idea in mind, Hikers Brew Coffee was born”

We can surely appreciate the Hikers Brew story here at Women Who Hike because they are fellow passionate entrepreneurs, who started their venture because they love a fresh cup of coffee while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. And we’re offering a little something to all of our members via email for the website as they have just launched their store, where coffee can now be pre-ordered, so check our emails for our Women Who Hike promo code good until 12/31/16.

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