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Rumpl, Puffy Blanket

Trail Tuesday Review, the Rumpl. This sleeping bag like blanket has been everywhere with me, @Im_NicoleMarie the past few weeks. The mountains, the desert and even to the beach. The Rumpl, from @gorumpl comes in a few different varieties: a synthetic fill (pictured here), a down (600 fill) and a ‘Superfleece’, an anti-microbial fleece that repels bacteria.

My current choice is the classic Rumpl, the ‘Original Puffy Blanket’, the synthetic fill, in this awesome ombre style fade print. The first night I camped with this blanket, we were in the Eastern Sierras, and with wind chill it was near freezing. Although I camp with a Little Buddy heater, I didn’t need it. This blanket kept me cozy and warm all night. Late that night, it even went hiking with me as we braved the cold temps and wind storm to check out the Mobius Arch at 1AM. It was a godsend as we sat there for hours marveling at the night sky. Throughout the weekend, the Rumpl was my morning go to as we either hit the trail in the early morning hours or as we sat around camp drinking coffee and planning out the rest of the day as well as in the evening sitting around the campfire.

These are the very moments in which and why the Rump was created. It was in 2013 when the two founders were stranded in a remote area in freezing cold temperatures where the idea of creating a ‘sleeping bag blanket’ was conceived. Rumpl, @gorumpl was created by outdoor people for outdoor people and in addition to an awesome product, they also are a company giving back to the outdoors by being a member of 1% For The Planet.

It’s prime camping and backpacking season, so now is the time to check out the entire line of Rumpl products, there is truly something for everyone and for you, women who hike!

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