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Merrell All Out Blaze Web Sandal

I’ve been raving about these sandals since I @Im_NicoleMarie first wore them, one year ago in Puerto Rico. They are the Merrell All Out Blaze Web, a hiking sandal with a Vibram sole. Summer is officially here and there is no better time to snag a pair of these and we, @womenwhohike and @merrelloutside are going to give a pair of these (or any hydro hiker) away to one of you, lucky ladies: #womenwhohike.

Although summer is just arriving, I already have a pronounced tan line from these sandals because I have worn them SO MUCH. They have been my go to for deserts, rivers, streams and even mountains and they are also a great option for an approach shoe if you’re into climbing.

They are lightweight, just 16oz, and can easily be strapped to your bag for a second pair of footwear while on the trails. The straps are fully adjustable, made of mesh and velcro and the front & back of sole offers a little lip in the front and back to keep you from injuring your toes while on the trail or in the water. Other Merrell tech features include neoprene lining for comfort, an EVA footbed and UniFly midsole. But, perhaps the feature I love most about this sandal is the Vibram TC5+ sole, which is found on several hiking boots. The sole is a firm compound with excellent traction, support and durability, yet flexible and grippy enough for any vertical scrambling of boulders.

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