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How To View The Total Eclipse From Your Phone & Online

If you didn’t plan in advance and make it into the path of totality for the Total Solar Eclipse… Not to worry! Thanks to today’s technology and the age of sharing there are plenty of ways to check out today’s event online and on social media.

Here are just a few ways you too can view this once in a lifetime event:

Instagram & Instagram Stories- These are two things that we at Women Who Hike use to share our hikes, travels and happenings. We also are watching you on your own stories which in addition to being included in on the fun, helps us to find new places to explore and hike. While many of those viewing the Eclipse may be out of cell phone range, we’re sure there will be plenty of captures that will be shared today, tomorrow and all throughout the week! Check out your friends, search hashtags such as #totaleclipse, #greatamericaneclipse to see a variety of posts from those you may not know and also check out accounts such as @NASA, @MatadorNetwork and @NatGeo… just to name a few!

Eclipse Livestreams- NASA will be live streaming the Eclipse online They will have images and videos of the eclipse as it happens before, during, and after the eclipse by their spacecraft, and more than 50 high-altitude balloons. Lifestream options can be found HERE.

On TV- There are dozens of cable news and network news organizations near you that have sent out a team to view, photograph and film the eclipse in the path of totality. If you happen to be one of the people at home or at work sitting this one out, check out your local TV listings for options.

If you're not viewing the eclipse outdoors... don't get discouraged! We hope the few options we have provided for you help with that #FOMO. I, Nicole will be viewing the eclipse from Joshua Tree, not in the path of totality and am sure whatever view I have, I will be happy to be outdoors and perhaps pretty content with not having to beat the crowds and the traffic in and around the totality.

Also, here's A LINK to some safety tips for you about viewing the eclipse, no matter where you may be.


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