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Alpineaire Foods

Backpacking is a strenuous yet always worth it experience. There is nothing I love more than putting all of those miles on the trail, pitching a tent in the wildest of places and being able to feel rewarded when I take my food out after a long day exploring. Food shouldn’t be something that we should have to compromise on and when it comes to what I eat for backpacking and camping, my go to is the meals from @Alpineaire. I stumbled on their foods years ago by chance at my local co-op and have since taken along nothing else while in the backcountry.

Alpineaire foods are all-natural freeze-dried and dehydrated meals with lots of options while on the trail no matter how hungry you may be or what your palate is. They have instant meals, side dishes, breakfasts, soups and desserts and there’s gluten free options too. Made with quality ingredients, every meal I have had from them is always delicious and never disappoints. And I have my favorites:

-Mountain Chili

-Chicken Burrito Bowl

-Mesquite BBQ Chicken w/Rice & Beans

-Spicy Sausage Pasta

-Super Greens Smoothie

-Monkey Mix

Their instant meals are ready to go with just boiling water and you can eat it right out the bag, which is self standing, no packing of extra bowls needed. I know that every time I fire up my stove, 10 minutes later I’ll have a great meal that is also enough food to split with my adventure partner. In addition to great food, @Alpineaire under their parent company provides products and solutions for both the outdoor, marine industries, humanitarian aid organizations and the military.

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