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Merrell Moab FST

This summer I went on two different backpacking trips in the high Sierras. When backpacking, there’s always two things to start with long before you hit the road which is obtaining a permit for these wild and rugged areas and also what you’re going to bring.

I’ve come to realize over the years that backpacking is really a game of pluses and minuses. Every time I return from a trip, I unpack my bag and realize the things that I brought that I didn’t need and didn’t use. When all you’re carrying is a 45L pack, you must have and bring along items that will pull double duty.

Along with the pack and gear on your back, what you wear on your feet is equally important. I’ve been wearing Merrells for a long time now… in fact, my favorite pair of Merrells is a vintage pair from the 80’s. One of my favorite things about the Merrell brand is their longevity and how the style and technology in a shoe crafted decades ago, is still relevant and still comfortable today.

If you happen to own a pair of Merrells, theres a good chance you own a Moab. The Moab has been around for over ten years now and its a shoe that a lot of people depend on to get them outside. It never ceases to amaze me that when I am on the trail, in any given place or climate… there’s a good chance I am going to pass someone wearing one of the many variations of the Moab.

For this trip, I brought along fellow adventure partner and photographer, Morgan Ayres and we both wore our own favorite version of the Moab. His, being the classic Moab boot which shows signs of many adventures had along the trail and traveling. They’re even his go to when working in his wood shop. Me, I have recently fallen in love with the Moab FST waterproof. Every Moab shoe is designed and built with comfort and versatility in mind. No matter what Moab you decide on, you can count on a stable heel, a precise fit, and a roomy toe box for flexibility and comfort while on the trail. Paired with a Vibram® multi-sport outsole, you’ll have traction in any situation, any terrain. A contoured midsole and Merrell air cushion in the heel provides all day comfort, and features organic odor control to keep things fresh.

The Merrell FST is everything I am looking for when selecting a shoe for the trail, no matter how long or what they terrain may be. Its everything to love about the classic Moab but faster and lighter, which is perfect for putting on those miles in the backcountry and doing some extra exploring after reaching your tent down destination. With women in mind, they even created this shoe in four different colors, so no matter what your style may be, there is one for you.

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