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She Explores Podcast w/ Women Who Hike Founder, Nicole Brown

“I’m not special…

The women hiking community is amazing. I’m just like all of these women. We all start somewhere, and you know not to sound cheesy but, we all blaze our own trail. No matter what kind of lifestyle and hiker we are, no matter how skilled we are, we all start somewhere and we go to the trail for the same things. It’s why @WomenWhoHike is so important to me because it has given me a platform to elevate other women and to let their voices also be heard because their voice is just as significant and important and inspiring.”

Last week I @Im_NicoleMarie recorded a podcast for She Explores If you happen to be headed to any trailheads this weekend, I hope you give it a listen LINK HERE. During the one hour call, Gale and I could have and did talk about so many different things. About hiking. About my health. About @WomenWhoHike. And of course, about the 3 Saints Challenge, because to this day when I think about and recount that story out loud, I can still hardly believe it myself.

But out of all of the things I said, this quote above is what I remembered long after I hung up the call and all week long leading up to the release. I cannot possibly in words tell you how much this community, how much all of you mean to me and how much you all mean to each other. What you don’t see beyond our IG feed is women who are connecting with and inspiring each other every day. How do I know this? Because of the frequent messages I receive from women thanking me for your stories. I couldn’t possibly take all the credit for what @WomenWhoHike is and has become… so thank you from the very bottom of my heart. You all are what truly keep this and me going, on and off the trail.


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