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LifeStraw Campaign To Reach 1 Million

Last summer when I got involved with @LifeStraw, they asked me if I would join them in Kenya this year as part of their Follow The Liters program. I have been using my personal water filter from LifeStraw long before I became an ambassador for them. In fact, when I attended my first Outdoor Retailer show, they were the first booth I visited. Why? Because they are a company that is truly impassioned and committed to doing good, a company who believes in and stands by their mantra, “doing good is good business.” As a person who long ago committed my life to living my life with purpose, I couldn’t be more grateful to have teamed up with LifeStraw and I proudly stand behind every product and every mission that they are taking on, including this one, the Campaign To Reach 1 Million.

When I got on the ground in Kenya, I was thoroughly moved and impressed with the amount of dedication and work being put into the Give Back model at LifeStraw. We had 30 teams on the ground of LifeStraw employees from the US, Kenya and other parts of the world as well as several volunteers. This is a program that works because of the people attached to it. With every school we visited and every filter we assembled, I felt my heart grow with inspiration and aspiration. At the end of my four days within the schools and the country of Kenya, my team installed 110 water filters and along with the other teams on the ground, we all in total installed 3,568 filters totaling 320 million liters of clean water in 500 new schools.

So how do you get involved? For every LifeStraw product purchased, clean and safe water is provided to one school child in a developing country. Listed are my fave products and you can SAVE 30% with our exclusive promo code WWH30 on


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