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Climbing With She Moves Mountains

We have a special event happening July 28 and 29th in Washington with the ladies of She Moves Mountains. Join us for a weekend of climbing, camping, hiking and yoga at Mt Erie on Anacortes Island.

Earlier this spring, I got to do a sport climbing clinic with the ladies of SMM and I want to share my experience:

"I’m not a regular climber. These days my shoes and harness will go months without being touched or worn. But, when I got the opportunity to climb at Smith Rock with the ladies of She Moves Mountains, I knew it was time to get them out and dust them off. I started out the morning feeling intimidated, feeling scared and feeling uncomfortable. I knew the ladies among me were much better climbers than I was, but instead of dismissing me they fully embraced me. I started out the day feeling stressed out as I knew I was taking a little longer than them to finish each route. But with each climb I realized they were, in fact, waiting patiently, and also cheering me on. On the last climb of the day I had intended on not going all the way up. But, Lizzy got beside me and with her encouragement and support, I made it a little further, a little further and then all the way to the top. I couldn’t have done it without her. When I wanted to stop she asked me if I was sure, and of course, I wasn’t. I wanted to keep going. There was no pressure. Just someone alongside me and those beneath me who kept me going and who were equally stoked to see me reach the top anchor."

I highly recommend if you're interested in an all female climbing clinic to give the ladies at She Moves Mountains a try! You can view their schedule of events HERE on their website.


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