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It’s Trail Tuesday and today we’re sharing a new Women Who Hike perk, from Backpackers Pantry. It’s backpacking the season, and we’re scheming on what foods to bring on our packs for long days in the backcountry. We have been faithfully eating meals from Backpackers Pantry for about a year now and we’re about to tell you why we love their food as well as their company ethics!

First off, Backpackers Pantry meals are freakin delicious. I @Im_NicoleMarie first made the switch as I was changing my diet last year to be gluten free with more clean eating. Nutrition is paramount at Backpacker's Pantry. Their standard for each meal is protein, carbs, and fat- all in a healthy balance. They believe in good, clean ingredients with no alternatives. Each of their meals contains real, plant based ingredients with no room for any unnecessary ingredients or additives. You’ll also find delicious meals within their lineup that are gluten free, vegetarian, and they even have vegan options. Some of our go to and favorites include their breakfasts which are packed with enough goodness and calories to tackle the trail at the start of each day. For dinner, I am a huge fan of the Pasta Primivera, Fettuccine Alfredo w/ Chicken and Three Sisters Stew and Risotto w/ Chicken- both of which are gluten free.

Today and ahead your upcoming backpacking needs, we’re offering this @womenwhohike perk, 15% off all @backpackerspantry meals with the code BPWWH15. We’ll also be extending this promo code to members via our website all through 2019! In addition to great food, Backpackers Pantry also gives back via 1 Percent For The Planet and their recycling program with Terracycle. Learn more in our IG story and start saving on all the foods this summer by using the code BPWWH15 at

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