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About Us

"Through each of our hiking journeys, we are able to connect to and inspire one another. Whether you're a solo hiker, hiking with friends, or attending a group hike, we've come to find that there is something about being on the trail that opens the heart and lifts the soul..."


The idea of #womenwhohike began in 2015, and has since transcended itself both online and offline thanks to all of you, the women who are a part our Women Who Hike communities. You can shop our store and get our #womenwhohike membership patch, attend a group hike, and connect with women who hike in your community by joining one of our local and regional Facebook groups


"I know that when I step onto the trail, hit the road in search or exploration, or conquer a peak or hiking goal, I feel liberated. Strong. Capable. Just as I am certain that the trail provides, I am certain in that all of you, women who hike, can find the same strength and solace in hiking too."

To learn more about us, see our website FAQ




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