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About Us

"Through each of our hiking journeys, we are able to connect to and inspire one another. Whether you're a solo hiker, hiking with friends, or attending a group hike, we've come to find that there is something about being on the trail that opens the heart and lifts the soul..."


Women Who Hike is a US based organization that through community connects and inspires those who are on their own explorative journey through hiking, self discovery, and a connection to nature.

In 2015, Women Who Hike started out as a social media account and hashtag #womenwhohike. Our mission as we began it was simple—to inspire women who hike both on and off the trail. Since then Women Who Hike become a worldwide movement. Whether it’s getting together for group hikes or online education, we are certain that Women Who Hike is a community where women are inspired and encouraged to go the extra mile and reach new heights


Through social media we are able to reach and connect with women from all over the world, from all walks of life. The #womenwhohike hashtag has been used 1.9 million times on Instagram and we have subsequently amassed nearly 300K followers. In 2016 we started state specific and regional groups where women are able to connect with each other for hikes and outings as well as share tips and tricks for the trail.

Additionally, as a community and a collective, we are passionate about stewardship, advocacy, and lending a helping hand to both places and people.

To learn more about us, see our website FAQ

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