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Hello Women Who Hike!

Our Facebook groups connect women who hike all over the world! We have state specific, regional, Canada and UK groups. Click, join, and start connecting and sharing with women who hike where you live today!

Here are our rules and guidelines for each of our Facebook Groups:

1. Be Kind, Courteous, And Respectful- We are all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.

2. No Promotions Or Spam- Give more than you take from this group. We reserve the right to delete any posts that contain promotion, spam, or attached links.

3. Stay On Topic- Please keep all posts hiking specific. Posts that are not hiking specific will be removed.


4. Respect Everyone's Privacy- Being a part of our groups require mutual trust and respect. What happens in the group, stays in the group. 

5. This Is A Safe Place- We will not allow or tolerate any form of bullying or harassment. These comments can be flagged and deleted. Furthermore, you could be permanently blocked from the group.


6. Quality Of Conversation- As a member of this group we expect that you treat others with respect. Challenging topics and conversations may occur. If you are going to engage in a challenging topic or conversation, we ask that you do so in a productive way. 

7. Approach Each Post With Compassion- When it comes to the outdoors, we all have a different skill set, ability, knowledge of ethics. Assume that if someone has gotten it wrong, that they can be educated. This can be done politely and constructively. We will not allow shaming in our groups.


8. Support & Promote Inclusivity- As a member of this group we ask that you align with our values which includes building a community that is inclusive. We are a signatory of the Outdoor CEO Pledge (learn more here). We are also committed to learning and promoting anti-racism on all of our platforms.

We are looking forward to following along and connecting with you on and off the trail!


If you have any questions about how to use our groups or concerns about posts within our groups please email us at

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