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Bio Lite PowerLight

Trail Tuesday Gear Review: Bio Lite Power Light. This is a product that I, @im_nicolemarie never leave the house without. I have a story about how I have come to now rely on this product and a cautionary tale to all you solo and women hikers out there who may run into the very same situation I got myself into recently:

No matter how much you hike, how much gear you own or how experienced you are you will undoubtedly one day find yourself on a trail or peak where you don’t have something you need. I, @im_nicolemarie am a stickler for having always mapped out my hikes as well as record my track when I am out on the trail. Recording your track is always a good idea, in case you happen to go off trail or miss a directional step along the way. So, recently I went out on a hike in the late afternoon and prepared for 7 miles as well as the elevation gain. I left late afternoon knowing I had plenty of time to complete it before sundown. But… When I reached the end on the map, it was not the destination I had planned on. When I got to the end, I looked around and then realized the peak was another 1.9 away, which added an additional and unexpected 4 miles to my hike. It was getting to be evening and I only had 8% battery on my phone. I made my way up to the peak and then had to hustle (run, which I hate doing) down in order to get back before dark and not worry my loved one who expected me to be home by 6.

There is one piece of equipment that could’ve solved my problems and I unfortunately did not receive it until after this hike. The Bio Lite PowerLight is a phone charger, flashlight and lantern all in one. After I charged this goodie for the first time, I don’t even leave home without it. Not only will it forever go in my backpack when I am hiking, it goes with me every day when I leave for work, go to work out or even to dinner and drinks with friends at night. This product is and will forever be a staple for not only my outdoor life, but my everyday life too. The lantern portion is 200 lumens and functions without hotspots. The flashlight potion is 250 lumens and is easy to hold on to. The USB outlet which is what will charge your phone, has an out of 4400 mAH Battery and can refill up to three smartphones with a battery indicator for easy read charge levels. This device can be charged in the wall prior to your outings or charged with a compatible solar panel, also made by Bio Lite called the SolarPanel 5+ and the two items are sold in a kit called the BioLite PowerLight Solar Kit. These two items are ideal when on backpacking trips when there is no connection to traditional powering outlets. I cannot say enough good things about these products and how many people I have turned onto the brand who have heard my story. For more details, you can contact us via email about product questions. Hope you enjoyed this Trail Tuesday Gear Review.

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