March 22, 2020

Can we still go hiking? On Thursday evening, March 19th a Stay At Home order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 went into effect for all of California. Many people were confused at what the order meant for getting outside and going hiking. We spoke to one of our state legislators the next morning for the specifics about how we should and could still get outside, while also staying at home. In this blog is everything you need to know about what it means to ‘Stay At Home’ and how you can still get outside, responsibly. 

The Stay At Home order for here in California says that we should stay at home, except for essential purposes. The order also encourages us to 'take a walk, take a hike' which has become confusing for many of us who may want to go to the mountains, go to the snow, and go to places tha...

March 13, 2020

Hello ladies,

We are aware of and are listening to concerns that you may have surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As the situation is evolving rapidly, we are evaluating events on a case by case basis and following guidelines as shared by health officials.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is said to be spread by person to person contact.

Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).

Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

If you are an attendee registered for an event, you will be notified via email if that event is cancelled. In the meantime, if you feel that cancelling your registration is best, please do so. We will accept all cancellations at this time without penalty.

Please note that so far we have cancelled all of our overnight event...

February 11, 2020

It’s winter… which means it’s time to break out the traction for our snowy and icy trails. When it comes to winter hiking, there is one product we stand behind here at @womenwhohike, and that’s MICROspikes from Kahtoola.

I’ve had my same pair since 2014 and can’t say enough good things about them. They’re easy to use, easy to take on and off, and I like to think of them as an extra ‘insurance policy’ when hiking the snowy— and sometimes icy— winter trails. I’ve also taken several people on their first winter hike while wearing MICROspikes from Kahtoola, and we all agree— they’re a game changer!

MICROspikes from Kahtoola provide peace of mind for us on the trails whether it means we’re hiking solo or leading a group hike. Winter hiking isn’t for everyone, but we have found that with the right gear, winter hik...

January 29, 2020

It’s that time of year when pictures of those infamous crystal blue waterfalls start permeating your newsfeed. A clear reminder that Havasupai permit season is upon us. I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful place last May with a group of three other women. Yet access to this place is not as simple as just showing up or signing online to grab a permit last minute. Permits sell out almost immediately each year and, from firsthand experience, it is a very overwhelming and stressful experience. That’s why I compiled some tips here to hopefully help others avoid even just a little bit of stress. 

Pre-Permit Launch: 

In order to save precious time on February 1st, create an account on prior to permit date. On the site they also remind you to do this prior to the permit launch as it i...

January 8, 2020

If you live in an area where the temperatures get cold in the winter, you’ve probably heard the saying “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

If you’re a Minnesotan, you’ve probably also groaned or rolled your eyes a little when people say that to you in January. Never fear, in addition to previous posts about warm layering tips, here’s a handy list of things I’ve used to stay warm or comfy on the trail!

Here's 10 Tips to Keep You Toasty this Winter


Chemical hand warmers are great for keeping all sorts of things warm when it’s cold, including your phone battery. Use two if it’s really cold. My adventure buddy gave me this tip right before we hiked up Eagle Mountain in the BWCA in single digit temps and it totally saved my battery. For a more eco friendly version, and if you hav...

January 3, 2020

We are very excited to announce a partnership with WHOA travel for 2020! Whoa travel is a boutique high adventure travel company for fun adventurous women by fun adventurous women. WHOA travel is all about coming together and encouraging each other to step outside of our comfort zones and take on the world! 

“With every adventure we take, we give back by connecting with local women to make a positive impact. We don’t do just trips, we create experiences and friendships that will change the way you view the world and yourself forever.” -WHOA travel

Here is more about WHOA travel from their founders, Allison and Daneille:

“Hi! We’re Allison Fleece and Danielle Thornton (aka Dallison) and we’re the founders of WHOA travel— an adventure travel company for women by women that brings adventurers toge...

December 17, 2019

We’ve teamed up with @Deuter_USA just in time for the holidays to celebrate and also giveaway one of our favorites from the all new Deuter Trail Series

Here is a little more about the all new Trail Series from @deuter and why I am such a fan of it! Each Trail Series bag is seemingly simple, yet packs a punch for all your trail adventures. Each pack features classic and clean styling while being versatile and innovative enough to handle even the most technical of hikes. Each pack, ranging from 20L to 34L, is also lightweight, easy to use and easy to adjust. Most notably, each of the Trail Series packs are fitted with the Aircontact back system which is proven to make you sweat less while carrying comfortably. Each bag features a varying style of hip belt, lots of storage pockets and attachments for all you...

December 3, 2019

We are super excited to kick off our holiday season of Trail Tuesday reviews and giveaways! Today we get to share with you one of our favorite products from @garminoutdoor, the Garmin In Reach Mini, and one of you lucky ladies is going to win this device!

I have been using an In Reach Explorer from @garminoutdoor for nearly five years now, and was excited to try the newer, smaller, and lighter weight Mini. When I first received this device, it was smaller than I had thought it would be, but it packs a (big) punch! This small, rugged, lightweight satellite communicator features two-way text messaging and interactive SOS to the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center. When paired with Earthmate via your mobile device, you can also access downloadable maps, U.S. NOAA charts, and color aerial imagery. Pairing...

November 8, 2019

The month of November is Native American Heritage Month and today we are sharing the story of Jaylyn Gough and her org @nativewomenswilderness. Native Women’s Wilderness was created to inspire and raise the voices of Native Women, to encourage a healthy lifestyle grounded in wilderness, and to educate Natives and non-Natives about the rich beauty and heritage of the Ancestral Lands beneath our feet.

Yá'át'ééh! My name is Jaylyn and I’m the founder of NWW. You can say that I'm a kid straight off the Rez. I grew up on the Navajo Reservation, where you flicked baby rattlesnakes at each other and where boys tried to put black widows in the girls black hair. I was adopted at a young age by an incredible woman, a woman who taught me how to love and explore the land. You see, the land was our playground. The stick...

Hello all! My name is Lindsey and this year I am launching a pilot season of my Thruhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a thruhiking prep program! Over the last few years I have discovered that while I have a deep love of all things planning not everyone feels that way. I hear from folks, time and time again, that they would love to take on a thruhike but the logistics of planning it are too much for them. Even folks who do successfully get out on trail admit that the planning process was so painful it negatively impacted their thruhike. And then there's me, over here just planning trips for the fun of it. So I figured - why not share the skills and experience I have and help get people out on trail? 

In 2013 I completed the Appalachian Trail and in 2016 I thruhiked the Pacific Crest Trail. I have hiked the Wonder...

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