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Merrell All Out Crush

This is the Merrell All Out Crush shoe from Merrell. This shoe is made for the trail runner but we at Women Who Hike love it for getting out and hiking trails that are mixed terrain as well as any outside adventure that may include some scrambling across and over rocks. I, Nicole wore these twice recently at Red Rocks Canyon in NV and Joshua Tree. If you have ever been in either area you know that your hiking adventure takes you up and over rocks, boulders and these shoes are highly reliable when going down hill or doing some light climbing when going up for the best views. We also love these shoes because of the breathable mesh, perfect for those warm temperatures that are happening now and through the summer. My feet have always felt totally comfortable in them and they will continue to be a go to for those hot summer hikes. Other features include a Trail Protect pad for additional foot protection and Merrell Select Grip which delivers durable, highly slip resistant stability for mixed terrain. This shoe features the best grip of any hiking boot or shoe I have ever owned. And we can definitely get behind this product for you ladies looking for a low profile shoe for trail running and light hikes.

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