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Hiking Munra Point

Munra Point has been on my bucket list for quite some time. This past year, I have been seeing the Munra become a popular destination thanks to instagram. It is located along the Columbia Gorge, on the Oregon side and a 6 mile hike to the top which doesn’t seem like a lot, but most of the hike you are on all fours due to the steep grade to the official summit.

While visiting Oregon this past month, I decided I would finally get this one done and also took along two of our Women Who Hike members along with me. We got caught up in a little rain as we began which cleared up for most of the hike going up.

At one of the forks in the trail going up, we took ‘the hard side’ having been told… ‘look for the ropes’. Yes, this is yet another one of those PNW hikes where you need the use of a rope to get to higher ground, thus reaching the summit. In fact, there are two spots along the hike where ropes are needed. I personally love climbing, so these parts of the trail are truly a highlight for me. Not only that, but I was entertained, yet proud to see the other ladies push themselves going up this way.

After a short break after the rope climb we took a break and were quick to find out there was an easier way… which we did in fact take down after our summit.

The rest of the hike is a little more gradual with one rope climb and some optioned bouldering for myself… because like I said, I absolutely love climbing. In fact, it was this trip where I decided I would get into climbing even more, when and IF I ever find the time.

At the summit you get a vast view of even more hilly ridge trail and an expansive view of the Columbia River Gorge. There is definitely a great sense of accomplishment getting up here, because after all the unexpected and hard work put in to make it up to the summit. I will tell you, put in the work because it is worth it. Unfortunately our summit experience was cut short with some high winds that blew in and of course, Oregon being Oregon, we were rained on for most of the way down. I highly suggest this hike be done in good weather, rain and slick mud are definitely not ideal conditions when doing some a steep hike.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of this hike and trip was learning more about the two ladies, Caroline and Caitlin who had in just one week, become fast friends with an incredible amount of similarities and commonalities shared between them both past and present. It makes me proud to know that Women Who Hike united these two ladies and I can’t wait to see more adventures between the two of them.


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