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BioLite KettlePot

This is the BioLite KettlePot and pairs with the Bio Lite CampStove, which I bought last year. Recently, I have been using more of the Bio Lite products and became a big fan of this one while on my overnight backpacking trip to Santa Cruz Island. What’s nice about the KettlePot is the large size (1.5 liter capacity), which may look inconvenient to pack, but the camp stove packs up INSIDE the pot perfectly which actually ends up taking up much less space than some of the alternatives including hauling around a traditional camp pot. One of the things I like about the pot is the handle which folds back in tightly around the pot for storage and are lined with silicone to prevent heat transfer. Not only can you heat up food in the kettle, but liquids as well, and the lid that comes along with it and can be used for pouring without spilling a drop. The Kettle Pot is lightweight, made of stainless steel (weighs 465 grams) and features a honeycomb heat shield along the base to help concentrate the flame and blocks the wind from being a factor in the stove staying lit. The nice thing about the stove & pot pairing is never having to pack fuel. This would be quite convenient for many backpacking trips and I use it along with the Bio Lite BioFuel wood pellets which I can tell you, GO A LONG WAY, I have to say I am quite impressed with how little you need and how long a bag lasts. The KettlePot also cleans up with ease, which is especially important to me while in the wild, because I certainly don’t go camping to do dishes! Can’t say enough good things about this multipurpose cooking system, and am especially happy to have added the KettlePot to my backpacking and camping collection.

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