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Deuter ACT Lite 45 + 10

In selecting a pack, I first started at REI where I was measured by an employee who recommended this pack for me for my size and stature. I personally love the Deuter packs, which are specifically designed for women and all have top of the line suspension and strap systems that are both comfortable and reliable when on the trail. Not only have I done treks with this bag, but it made it all the way up the Mist Trail, Little Yosemite and Clouds Rest last year without struggle or residual pain after the long trip and miles put on. Even, I was surprised after having been used to experiencing ‘backpacker pains’. Design highlights on this ACT Lite 45 + 10 include the ‘SL’ fit engineered specifically for a woman’s frame and range of motion, the ‘Air Contact System’ which helps the body to sweat less while trekking, (up to 15 % less sweating as with a standard contact back system), quick adjusting straps, X Frame construction, dual side pockets, dry pocket for storing wet goods, padded hip belt and attachment loops for poles. The top compartment also allows for an extra 10 L of storage room if needed and the ACT Lite is also hydration pack compatible. The team at Deuter really did think of everything! I have to say, a lot of backpacking, camping gear is bought and returned based on trial and error after testing in the outdoors, and even more so with long treks and overnight trips. And I can honestly say, this is perhaps the very best and most reliable piece of hiking equipment I have ever bought. I even later on, talked Savanah into the same pack. Rest assured, ladies @Deuter (literally) has your back!

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