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Deuter ACT Trail Pro 32 SL

Trail Tuesday Review: Deuter ACT Trail Pro 32 SL. This bag is a 32 L with technical and convenient features that can be utilized for day or overnight treks. First off, this bag is INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE. Everything from the straps, back and waist belt could not be better designed for my, a woman’s frame. Some highlights that make this bag a real stand out would be the two way front zip opening, making packed contents easy to obtain no matter where you are on the trail and the Air Contact System, which includes these features:

-anatomically shaped with mesh lining allowing for hot air to escape

-elastic spring steel frame

-air contact pads allowing for body contouring and 15% less perspiration (tested)

-auto compress hip wing with side compression for on the trail flexibility and comfort

Although I own three other Deuter bags, this is quickly becoming my favorite because of all of the technology that has gone into it. Yes, at 32L it may be a bit much for a daypack, but because of its comfort and easy to access compartments, I find myself drawn to it when I am going out into the wild.

Some other things you can find on this bag and many other Deuters is room and integration for a 3L hydration pack, side pockets, raincover, valuables pocket, pocket for stowing wet goods, hiking pole attachments and the SOS label for info on if you have gotten yourself into a questionable situation.

This bag, which I use for hiking is also recommended for the other following sports: biking, alpine skiing, mountain climbing or even just city or adventure travel.

The 32 SL is made of nylon fabric with strong ripstop threads and seems to be incredibly durable even though its just getting integrated into my collection. I will definitely be getting more use out of this bag with the cooler temperatures that are upon us. I would highly suggest this bag for long day treks, overnights with light gear haul or any hike that involves bringing excess equipment.

I, @im_nicolemarie have been a loyal @deuter user and couldn’t be more excited, grateful for us here at @WomenWhoHike to be working with the brand, who has a long history and dependable longevity within the outdoor and backpacking community.

If you’re a woman who hikes wanting some help on what to buy and for what type of trail and conditions, send us a DM, we, @savnorthwest and I @im_nicolemarie are happy to help.

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