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Ably Apparel

I heard a while back about this new tee on the market from @ablyapparel, a tee that you can wear for days straight because it repels liquids, stains, dirt and odor… I thought to myself, how is this possible and how can I get one? I finally got a chance to really put this tee to use last week while in Nevada, while logging miles in one of the dirtiest and dustiest (and temperature sensitive) places I have been, a perfect backdrop and environmental elements to see if this tee really performs.

I wore the shirt for two full days in the mountains, on trails, and in the valley of the Armagosa Desert, and ladies, I am honestly impressed. I usually while I am here, change my shirts multiple times a day due to the accumulation of fine dirt that gets literally everywhere and the Ably shirt (which I have still yet to wash since being back) literally looks the same as the day I took it out of the package.

So, the obvious question now is, HOW do they do it? The Ably tee is made from fabrics activated with Filium, an eco friendly technology which shrugs off water, resists stains and refuses to smell turning an ordinary fabric into an extraordinary fabric and the possibilities are endless…

For us, when we pack up for a hike or backpacking trip we have to seriously consider: why am I bringing this and how much will I use it? So, bringing an Ably shirt along with us is literally a no brainer when packing up for an excursion. We know that the tee will not only be comfortable but it will literally resist the elements whether it be rain, dirt, or those happy camp food accidents which are sure to happen when preparing and eating foods in the outdoors.

So, we at @WomenWhoHike give the Ably tee and their mission our seal of approval and know that you ladies will find the tee as awesome and useful as we have!

For the Ably tee, visit:

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