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Hiking In The Wildflowers, SoCal

It's that time of year, where the colorful blooms of California are popping up (pun intended) all over our hills, parks and trails. Seeing the flowers is a popular activity, for hikers and non-hikers. Over the past week, I, Nicole have visited the wildflowers three times. Twice, in Lake Elsinore and the other during our group hike at Chino Hills State Park.

It is peak season, and here are a few popular places where you can see the blooms!

1. Anza Borrego State Park

2. Griffith Park

3. Chino Hills State Park

4. Joshua Tree

5. Ojai

6. Saddleback Butte State Park

7. Moro Canyon

8. Eaton Canyon

These are just a few sure bets if you're looking for the blooms.

If you are visiting Lake Elsinore for the blooms, here is how you access the backside of the hills, where the trail exists, away from the crowds. Exit Lake street, and make a right hand turn on Walker Canyon. Make your way to the near end of Walker Canyon. There are two different entry points where the backside and trails can be accessed. They are both brown gates, there to keep vehicles from driving on the fire roads, but can be passed through and followed along the out and back trail where you can hike anywhere from 1-10 miles. Both times I went, I only passed two pairs of people. You'll get to see the untrammeled blooms on this side and there is much more purple in these areas. Bring plenty of water and suitable footwear, as the trails tend to be loose due to all the rain we have had this year.

This season is an especially rare one for this type of bloom. Please be mindful of where you're stepping and do your best to stay on a designated trail. Hope everyone gets to see the incredible blooms while they last.


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