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Deuter ACT Trail 28 SL

The Deuter ACT Trail 28 SL. This bag is a daypack that is the perfect size with technical features for a range of different trail and outdoor adventures. I, @Im_NicoleMarie previously reviewed this bag in a 32L size and have since downsized to the 28 and find it the perfect size for most all my treks. So… we’e giving one away!

What does ACT and SL mean when it comes to the Deuter lineup? Deuter technology is unsurpassed when it comes to features, comfort and technology. The ‘ACT’ bags are lightweight, clean and versatile and come with the Air Contact System, a breathable hollow-chamber foam padding with open pore structure which produces a a pump effect, whereby every movement prompts the exchange of air. And the ‘SL’ carry system is designed especially for a woman’s frame.

Functional features on this bag that come in handy are a two way zipper front opening that direct access to well-buried items, so no need to open the bag from the top digging items out to reach something at the bottom. This is perhaps my favorite thing about these bags. You can organize your pack and keep it that way, no matter what you need or where it is in the bag! The ACT 28 SL is fitted for your hydration pack, a place to store your hiking poles on each side, two outer side pockets, raincover, hip belt, wet pocket and more storage in the lid.

Made with 210 den ripstop nylon, the bag is durable and is further reinforced with 600 den Polyester thread and a thick PU coating. This is one piece of hiking equipment that I can ensure you can rely on and have in your collection forever.

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