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Dexter ACT Lite 45 + 10 SL Trekking Bag

I, @Im_NicoleMarie, have reviewed this bag before and since my most recent backpacking trip I was reminded how great this bag really is. I was luckily matched with this bag by my local @REI and have since converted to the @Deuter line for all of my travel, hiking and trekking needs.

The ACT Lite 45 + 10 SL is lightweight (3lbs, 12oz) and specifically designed to fit a woman’s frame, with a shorter length as compared to men’s packs. When making a pack, Deuter covers all the technical and comfort features you would want in a bag like:

-easy access front pocket

-padded hip belt

-top lid pocket

-pole holders

-separate bottom compartment for sleeping bag

-compression straps

-dual side pockets

And also important features pioneered by Deuter themselves, like the Air Contact System which provides a balanced fit and is proven to reduce sweating by up to 15% and also the Vari Quick system also lets you easily adjust the height of the back straps.

Since this most recent trip, I have also been asked by many of you why 45 + 10 and is it enough? The +10 feature comes thanks to an adjustable lid which allows for extra storage if and when needed. This last three day trip I packed my stove, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, bagged meals, sandals, solar panel, change of clothes and then some and this bag is also big enough to fit a bear canister (filled with some of your haul) if necessary. My general thought and rule with anything bigger is you may just pack the extra room with stuff you may end up not needing, which is a common case when packing for the backcountry. Plus, thanks to the strap system and attachments on this bag, you can strap excess gear to the bag as I have done with my sleeping pad and sleeping bag when needed.

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