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TomTom Adventurer Watch

Through the years I’ve used several different ways of keeping track of my hikes, trail and mileage while on the trail. There’s been a few things that I @Im_NicoleMarie have liked, some I didn’t and probably a couple of things that I would highly recommend. One of them is the @tomtomsports Adventurer watch. This is my third GPS watch for the trails and I think I have finally met my match, and it’s also good for so many things off of the trail too.

First off, I love the comfortable band and fit. Being petite, I have pretty small wrists and this watch feels good and looks good (and its lightweight) sans the unnecessary bulky dial. The wristband has a built in heart rate monitor along with motion sensors, barometer and compass. The TomTom Adventurer is a multi sport watch so in addition to tracking your activity on the trail you can also measure your statistics while doing just about any sport with special features for outdoor sports like skiing and cycling. And there’s a bunch of features that I love especially for hiking including the use of preloaded trails and breadcrumb trail mapping, plus it keeps track of altitude, ascent, speed and average pace as well as the duration of your hike and calories burned. The one stand out for me on the TomTom Adventurer watch is the battery life. I’ve recorded hikes on other watches and have been disappointed, and there is nothing worse than relying on a piece of equipment to keep you on trail and keep you safe and have it fail. The battery, while using GPS will last up to 24 hours while hiking and charges via USB cable, so if needed, I can plug it into a solar panel while on extended hikes.

In addition to all of those features there’s more, it has an integrated music player (sport style bluetooth headphones included), tracks your sleep cycle, is water resistant up to 40m and you can sync the watch up to your phone via the TomTom Sports App.

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