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Wylder Goods x Women Who Hike Collection

When it comes to outdoor apparel and gear and where to buy it there are a lot of different options out there. It can be overwhelming when researching, shopping for and selecting between all the different brands. It can be commonplace that when we’re building our collection of supplies and gear for hiking, camping and traveling much of what we buy, use and end up not using is learned through trial and error.

When WylderGoods came onto the scene, I @Im_NicoleMarie was particularly excited. These ladies, co-founders Jainee Dial and Lindsey Elliott started an online marketplace of goods and gear that are classic, tried & true and built to last. Whether it’s a rain jacket for the trail or dishes for camping or home, their curated collection of products are things that balance beauty with functionality. Their apparel are pieces that perform, fit a diversity of body types and are produced with organic and/or renewable materials. @WylderGoods is also doing good by being a B-Corp (benefit corporation) making them a mission-driven company with a positive social impact. Wylder believes that when people have a closer relationship with wilderness, they care more about protecting it which is why it’s a priority to embolden their community to become more involved in stewardship projects and grassroots activism.

We have joined forces with them to bring you this giveaway of curated pieces from @WylderGoods by @WomenWhoHike. These pieces include:

1. Adventure Journals - @unitedbyblue

2. Little Bishop Earrings - @bribol

3. Houdini Jacket - @patagonia

4. Snap-T Fleece Pants - @patagonia

5. Stainless Steel Pocket Knife - @opinel

6. Patch Trucker Hat - @wyldergoods

7. Mountain Notecard Set - @sarahvirginiauhl

8. Campfire Incense - @juniperridge

9. Tools For Grassroots Activists - @patagonia

To enter this giveaway and WIN all the products in our collection, make sure you’re following @wyldergoods and @womenwhohike, and go to this link to enter.

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