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BioLite Powerlight Mini

We’re keeping our Trail Tuesday giveaways going today thanks to @BioLite. We will be giving away not ONE but TWO BioLite Powerlight Minis to you and one to gift to a friend, family member or fellow woman who hikes (to win, details)

Last year I, @Im_NicoleMarie wrote a review for this product, the Powerlight Mini and one year later it is still a staple in my backpack and camping supplies when I hit both the road and the trail. The Powerlight Mini is an ultra slim multi use clippable lantern that can be used to light up the trail and will also charge your phone while on the go and off the grid.

The light emits 135 lumens and will glow on the low setting for up to 52 hours. In addition to the white light as shown it also has a setting for red night vision and red/white strobe. I am all about products that pull double duty while in the outdoors, so the Powerlight Mini is a great addition to your pack for both convenience and safety. You can also give it a charge in the backcountry via the BioLite Solar Panel which is also a go to product for camping and backpacking.

So, how do you win? We are giving away TWO of these lights, one for you and a friend or family member.

-Tag a fellow woman who hikes

-Tell us who you’ll be giving the Powerlight Mini to

-Become a member on our website

We will be picking a winner Saturday, Dec 9th. Good luck to you and all entires! If you have questions about our giveaways or membership, email us at

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