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Deuter SL Fit Packs

It is spring and summer hiking season… the PERFECT time for us to partner with Deuter USA for a pack giveaway! A few years back, I was lucky enough to have been fitted for my first Deuter pack at my local co-op. It was the first time that I learned that Deuter made packs especially for women, aka the ‘SL Fit’. So, what is an SL fit and why is it important? Deuter is invested in both technology and comfort for women. They have an established team of professional athletes and designers who are responsible for the development of the SL packs. And ladies, this isn’t just about cool colors for the trail… the SL packs are about support, suspension and pairing to the female anatomy.

When compared to men, women have:

-a shorter torso

-a more conical hip shape

-a narrower shoulder width

-a more sensitive chest area

With these things in mind (and then some) Deuter has developed packs for day hikes, backpacking, trekking, and even a new kid carrier that is made especially for a woman’s body. Featured here in our post is a few of my favorite bags from Deuter, including the new Trail 24 SL. Deuter also has our backs ladies! (literally) with two different back/suspension systems called the Aircontact and Aircomfort. Whatever your need, size, or fit… Deuter has your back!

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