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Eddie Bauer Why I Hike

This month and all summer long we will be participating in the Why I Hike campaign! For nearly 100 years, Eddie Bauer has been inspiring and enabling people to live their adventure. The #WhyIHike campaign is a time where we can all share what inspires us to get outside and hike. Whether it’s a multi-day trek or tackling a local trail, there are plenty of reasons why people go hiking. Some hike to disconnect while others hike to make connections. Some hike for physical health while some hike to find inner healing. For some it’s a personal challenge, while many are taking on the larger challenge of making the outdoors a more welcoming place for all.

All this month and through the summer we will be sharing more of our #WhyIHike stories here at @womenwhohike. We also want to encourage you all to seek out the stories of others who are joining us for this campaign, awesome orgs like @unlikelyhikers, @wecoloroutside, @americanforests, @climbforheroes, @theventureoutproject.

You can see stories from our own community here at @womenwhohike by viewing this social media post with our #WhyIHike announcement.

In addition to sharing our stories, we also want to let you in on some of our favorite gear from Eddie Bauer for the trails, hiking, and getting outdoors!

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